Friday, November 27, 2009

Friday Morning Cartunes...November 27th, 2009

Current 93 - Not Because The Fox Barks (Durtro) LP
Hills - Death 1 (IGT) LP
Ash Ra Tempel - Amboss (Spalax) LP
Sabu Martinez - Afro Temple (Grammofon Verket) LP
Electric Orange - Koodu (Sulatron) CD
Mutantes - Jardim Electrico (Polydor) LP
Omar Rodriguez Lopez - Ojo Al Cristo De Plata (RLP)LP
Ararat - Dos Horses (Meteor City) CD
Flasket Brinner - Di Dumme Sma Bjornarna (Polydor) CD
Life On Earth! - Listen (Subliminal Sounds) LP
Eternal Elysium - Northern Smile (Electric Earth) 10"
Lowrider - Flat Earth (People Like You) LP
Reverend Bizarre - Strange Horizon/The Ambassador (Svart) LP

Sister Hyde - You Look Better On My Space (Indie) CD
Ted Axe Interview Live In Studio
Action - T.V. Is On The Blink (Rave Up) LP
Action - Do The Strangle (Rave Up) LP

Vee Dee - Blood Zombie (Criminal IQ) LP
Seeds - Fallin' (Get Back) LP
Ancestors - Mother Animal... excerpt (Tee Pee) CD
Mono Brow - Naught Witch (demo) cdr

M. Mucci...Live In Studio...
"I Should Have Guessed", "Untitled # 1", "Untitled # 2"

Out Of Focus - Fly Bird Fly/Television Program (Missing Vinyl(LP)

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