Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Is This Important ?

Is this important? Whenever this blog thing started, everyone said I needed one. Well here it goes, I'm starting. I'm gonna do this instead of the birdman website, http://www.birdmansound.com/ just cuz I'll be able to do it and Aardvark won't have to do his thing anymore as a charitable donation to Birdman Sound. Dave's a great guy who is now knee deep in community radio as a Program Director at CHUO-FM here in Ottawa. Tough job? Yep! I did it 20 years ago at CKCU-FM as many of you know. Lotsa fun and challenging but a lot of work!

In any event, I will attempt to keep this blog real and regular and it will be my way of getting my ya-ya's out further than I already do. I'm a junkie when it comes to music and have dedicated for better or for worse an entire lifetime to it so far and lord willin' I'll stop when I drop. This blog will serve those interested as another information source based on my personal views and takes on music and the business. As I like to say "a person's taste in music is their own business". This could be taken a few different ways pertaining to me but I'm sure ya'll will figure it out.

I will be posting my play lists from my radio show here which is called "Friday Morning Cartunes" and is heard weekly on the radio dial in Ottawa, Ontario at 93.1 FM and on the net at http://www.ckcufm.com/ . The show runs every Friday morning my time at 9:30 am and goes until 1:00 pm. Just in case you don't know, I have had this same time slot for 20 years now and have been at CKCU since '85. Prior to that I was at CHSR-FM in Fredericton, NB for 5 years. I also plan to entertain you with record reviews and only positive ones. I'll also try and keep ya informed as to upcoming releases that I think you should care about and to relay tidbits of music oriented thought and news if you will, just as a matter of fact kinda thing. Shows to see and places to go will also be bandied about....

I just got an advance copy from Lars Krogh at Bad Afro in Denmark, of the new Dragontears album called "Tambourine Freak Machine". Another mind blower spaced out psych rawk monster from the Danish theatre...Those Baby Woodrose, On Trial dudes know their shit! Wow!
I'll let ya know when it's in house as the release date says Nov. 8/08....vinyl and cd. The first one is still floating around and if you don't have it....git it...wicked as well!

Other stuff that I like tons lately are new albums from Grails, El Hombre Misterioso(Peruvian stoner psych), Causi Sui, Pontiak - "Sun On Sun", Helena Espvall and Masaki Batoh's new album, Josephine Foster, Plastic Crimewave Sound, Alexander Tucker's "Portal" on ATP and the Pack A.D.'s "Funeral Mix Tape" on Mint records. The recent Dungen 12" that's out as a ltd edition of 1000 is a killer and I'll review their new full length maybe by weeks end cuz I should have one tomorrow !

The Record Convention was a huge waste of time ! Poor turnout notwithstanding, a bunch of dealers did not appear either this time.....No surprise I guess as the organizers from Montreal do NO advertising whatsoever.....funny given all the hype about "the vinyl comeback" and yet here in Ottawa it would have looked like we existed in another dimension. Record shows are pretty painful here in any event as it's mostly a bunch of hapless gomers still looking for some shit by the Beatles or Dean Martin or whoever......in fact the majority of the "usual suspects" at the Ottawa shows bear more than a striking resemblance to the freaks in "Vinyl", that hilarious, pathetic and somewhat sick Canadian documentary on the wax obsessed! Oh well what can ya do?.....not go again...ever?


Markuss Carcass said...

hey johnny! nice blog.

Unknown said...

It IS about time. Thanks for launching this.

A. said...

Hey, I showed up and bought a lot o' stuff! Mind you, half of it was for the lady present. So I took some stuff you don't want off your hand!

It was a pretty weak turn out, I think that's probably due to the construction in the area. How shitty.