Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Local Yokels...Garaga

Well, officially in the last 12 month period I think there's been 11-13 local artists release an actual vinyl LP !!! If this is the "comeback" of vinyl then I would say that a number of us here in Ottawa at least, have embraced the thought in some way. Garaga have been working there craft for well over a year or so now and it's nice that they have properly documented this existence with a record (in both senses of the word). Depending on your opinion of caliber, the pedigree involved here is most definitely a "dedicated rock 'n' roll soldiers" kinda thing. Neanderthal Sponge, Harshy, Werbo, Stand GT, MS Gesus, Polaris and King Kung are a smattering of the members various tours of duty. Whether you know any of the groups previous efforts is of little consequence as the group stand well enough on their own merits. Having said that, Garaga to my ears, play a blend of infectious twin guitar rock that fills both the need to hear a hard edged mid-tempo chug with a keen sense of melody and pop. I do hear ghosts of past projects. There's an anthemic quality to many of the 10 tracks on this effort and a solid lyrical sense of humour. Ya'll remember fun...? This Garaga album has it! The record itself is a pretty shade of bloodish red and is 180 Gram and a cd included. The black embossed sleeve is stark but striking with it's red lettering. Key cuts are "Rock Hamster", "Death From Holidays", "Flirty Gurdy" and "Brain Buster". Great recording job as usual by Yogi and this album will make a good addition to any rockers collection.

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