Wednesday, October 22, 2008

A Cold Wind Blows...Warmth Is Found

on the table today...Magnificent Brotherhood...a Berlin based beat/garage band who debut on World In Sound with a smokin' organ driven sound that recalls a psych-soulful 60's influence....I think some of these guys were in Liquid Visions....excellent...kinda even Doorsy in spots. I got an email a couple of weeks ago from a dude in Finland whose name is Jaire. He thanked me for spinnin' his stuff on the show! His recording moniker is Octopus Syng and he has several excellent albums out on the Nasoni label and I really dig his devout take on psychedelia. Combining an eastern edge that meets Syd-era Floyd, he indeed at times, makes me think it is from the period, very cool and honest stuff. I will review the newest Octopus Syng "Birds Of Morning Are Never Late" in detail shortly. Another album I actually played twice today spurred on by another recent email from a band abroad was by an English group known as Earthling Society. Their latest and 4th full length is called "Beauty & The Beast" and thus far is a cd only release I believe to be on their own "Four-Zero" record label. This Lancashire based group are psych fans who have delved into many of it's styles in the past and although I have tended to lean towards the heavier, space rock side of some earlier recordings I must say that their newer direction...more organic perhaps?, is easily like able and maybe even more varied as a whole album goes. "Syd" comes to mind a bit here as well and there is a bit of a pop side showing that may have been hinted at on the "Albion" album(the first). Lots of twelve string and mellotron making this effort quite different than say their last! I also revisited with a couple of old friends in the form of King Khan and BBQ and the original release they did for the Goner label awhile back. Someone actually asked me to play it, lost interest by the second cut and then focused on what Sonics album to purchase! As the "dynamic duo" were being ignored and the umpteenth "Here Ain't The Sonics" vinyl quickly left the house I found myself tappin in rhythm to the raw assed r&b grunt that Mark and Khan seem to do so well. I had forgotten how infectious this album is, of course now repacked with extra trax as a double wax set from In The Red Records.

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