Wednesday, April 14, 2021

10 Recommended Rotations From Birdman Sound's Front Desk


Beauty Hunters - Animal Magnetism (The Weird Beard)

Deep kosmische electronic vibes like a darker early Kraftwerk!  Guy Maddison from Mudhoney's side project!

Nolla - S/T  (Spiral Void)

Trio from Finland (ex Seremonia) who play a driving brand of motorik krautrock and hard psych space jams!

PAX - "May God & Your Will..."  (Munster Records)

1972 Peruvian proto-metal sonic hard psych rock MONSTER !  💣💖

Plankton Wat - "Future Times"  (Thrill Jockey)

Dewey Mahood from West Coast US psych gods Eternal Tapestry.  His new album is awesome !  All instrumental electric deep woods, cosmic, improvised psych !  

USA Mexico - "Del Rio"  (Riot Season)

Austin, TX noise rock/psych from Shit & Shine, Butthole Surfers dudes!  3rd powerful outing and smokin' tough! 👽

Terry Gross - "Soft Opening"  (Thrill Jockey)

Driving motorik psch rock lead by the ferocious guitar of Phil Manley of TRANS AM !!!  

Ambrose Slade - Ballzy  (Audio Clarity)

Pre - SLADE !!  from 1969 UK, nice repro of rare debut...awesome psych, hardrock indicating what would soon come from this legendary, long running band !  ✌❤

Barry Walker Jr. - "Shoulda Zenith"  (Holy Mountain)

Cosmic country with deep, dense ambient desert drones and tones. Pedal steel jamz that transport you to an outer realm planet that re-arranges your grey matter...cowboy hats are not safe in outer space!👽 

People - Ceremony-Buddha Meets Rock (Life Goes On)

Fantastic Japanese psych rock from 1971 with godlike guitarist Kimio Mizutani !  Ltd. much anticipated repress 2021.  ❤👽💣

Fire! - "Defeat"  (Rune Grammofon)

7th LP for this awesome Norwegian free jazz/psych power trio...always on their mark and this MONSTER is their new 2021 LP...The unmistakable sax work from the prolific and godlike Mats Gustafsson❤❤👽

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