Thursday, September 10, 2020

New Stuff @ Birdman Sound

Another awesome record from Heliocentrics!  A deep shit combination of Jazz-centric leanings, psychedelia and fluid improvisational moves!  Top selling band for us, since day #1 👽

A Stooge and a Radio Birdman guy make a sizzling RAWK album that will kick your ass!  Would you expect anything less?  Yeah Hup! 💣

New vinyl from overlooked Portland, OR band around for several decades!  An excellent blend of neo psych, shoegaze, pure pop and rootsy flourishes. I do hear a nod to Pink Floyd a bit as well, as that's what I read{:>)))) On Little Cloud Records.  A great listen this one!💗

Godlike and prolific (25+albums!) Norwegian space sprog dynamos Motorpsycho hand our noggins a  new double LP set to digest in 2020.  No dull moments with these fellas...ever!  💪

8 albums of innovative psych influenced music from these California lads since 2012. White Manna offer once again on their latest, a deep shit, improvised, hard krautrock influenced palette of tuneage that gives you something different with every listen!  Recommended ! 

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