Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Highlights This Week @ Birdman...

Loads of killer wax at Birdman as always...here's some of this week's delights...

Shoes-One In Versailles LP (1976 debut from Illinois power pop greats)

High On Fire-Art Of Self Defence (1999 debut in Deluxe double LP version, heavy wax, new artwork,extra trax)

Troubled Horse-Step Inside LP(debut on Rise Above. Swedish band w/2 ex-Witchcraft members...the raw 60′s garage rock and heavy 70′s psych-doom riffing!)

Simply Saucer-Cyborgs LP (finally repressed! Mid 70's psych-proto punk monster!)

Sensations Fix-Time To Decide LP(70's Italian Prog oufit more closely aligned with krautrock vault material w/ CD version included)

Diagonal-The Second LP (on Rise above this UK outfit combine jazzy prog and space rock..Eloy meets Softmachine...solid!)

Ilyas Ahmed-With Endless Fire LP (an artist who combines psych ragas, drones and folkish touches with legit eastern mystic vibe)

Major Stars-Decibels of Gratitude LP (Wayne Rogers is a godlike guitarist and this 8th album from Twisted Village Records is heavy psych bliss)

Popol Vuh-Affenstunde LP (dark and mysterious... analog moog/hand percussion - 1971 Krautrock mantlepiece)

Lee Fields-Let's Talk It Over LP (raw and gritty funk from the early 70's comes with bonus LP of singles, great cover!)

Umberto-Confrontations LP (3rd LP for Matt Hill ex-Expo '70...excellent synth-tastic horror/psi-fi style instrumental album think Carpenter/Goblin)

Alkana/Welcome To My Paradise LP(70's monster rarity with wicked guitar work...psych meets prog meets metal...smokin! Ltd. 400)

Widowspeak- Almanac ( 2nd LP on Captured Tracks label by U.S. male/female lead outfit...rootsy psych in a Mazzy Starish kinda way!!)

Witchcraft-Witchcraft LP (Ltd. on Rise Above...debut LP from Swedish outfit stolked on 70's doom psych...great shit!)

Brigg - S/T LP ( super rare '73 U.S. private press...Folkish Psychedelic Rock)

German Shepherds-Music For Sick Queers LP+7" (of early 80's Frisco art punk scene...think Suicide/Ubu/Psychic TV bent)

Sleepers-Painless Nights LP (early 80's imprvisational art punk pre-BPeople and Tuxedo Moon again..San Fran orientation)

Goat -World Music LP (awesome debut from Swedes who combine Afro-centricisms with hard psych prog and fuckin kill it start to finish...hands down one of the best records of last year!)

Kluster-Schwarz (Eruption) LP (actually a Conrad Schnitzler release that sounds like Kluster, but more electronic and disturbing...1971 sees a man on his game and forward thinking)

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