Friday, January 4, 2013

Friday Morning Cartunes...January 4th, 2013

Sabbath Assembly - Let Us All Give Praise & Validation/We Come From The One (Svart) LP
Place Of Skulls - Darkest Hour (Bilocation) LP
Temple Of L.I.B. _ Rose Petal (September Gurls) LP
Vas Deferns Organization - Quicksand (Pure Pop For Now People) LP
the exploding meet - Birds Of Grey (Birdman Sound) LP
Personable - Untitled #3  (Peak Oil) LP
Hidria Spacefolk - Cycloop (Hidria) LP
Rush - Circumstances (Anthem) LP
Squadra Omega - Murder In The Mountains (Holidays) LP
(sic!) - Airbag In My Head (Get Happy) LP

S/T - The Sad Skinhead (Go To Gate Records) LP
Witchcraft - I Know You Killed Someone (Rise Above) 7"
Troubled Horse - Shirleen (Crusher) 7"
Alabama Thunderpussy - Can't Feel Nothing (Eccentric Man) 7"
Stone Axe - Swalrb (Roadburn) 7"
Circle - Kylmaketju /Reaktio (Svart) 7"
Arkhamin Kirjasto - The Cult Of No Return (Full Contact/Ektro) LP
Split Cranium - Blossoms From Boils (Hydra Head) LP
Steel Mammoth - Endless Wolf (Full Contact) LP
Pharoah Overlord - Devastator (Svart) LP
Lamp Of The Universe - Freedom In Your Mind (Clostridium)
Datura - Happiness Grows (Krated Mind) LP
Arc Of Ascent - Absolution In Light (Krauted Mind) LP
White Hills - Midnight In America (Immune) LP
TBWNIS - Muldow (Birdman Sound pre-release) cdr
Majutsu No Niwa - Turn To Flames (New Vague) LP
Warpig - Tough Nuts (London) LP

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