Friday, October 5, 2012

Friday Morning Cartunes...October 5th, 2012

Expo 70 - Closet Full Of Candles (Immune) LP
Jussi Llehtisalo - Caterpillars (Svart) LP
Kluster - Electric Music(Kluster4) (Bureau B) LP
Huntsville - Ear/Eye Connector (Hubro) LP
Anglagard - Snardom (Anglagard) LP
Lord Vicar - Child Witness.../Between The Blue Temple and The North Tower (Church Within) LP
Darxtar - In A Time (Transubstans) LP
East Of Eden - The Stable Of The Sphinx/To Mrs. V (Thors Hammer) LP

Amphyrite - Oasis Boogie (Amber Soundroom) LP
Rangda - Majnun (Drag City) LP
Alex Neilson & Richard Youngs - Mute Action (VHF) LP
Mugstar - Rite II (Agitated) LP
Solyst - Dim Lights (Bureau B) LP
Nomega - Samsara (Ebb & Flow)  (Nasoni) LP
Sons Of Otis - Windows Jam (Bilocation) LP
Mars Red Sky &Year Of No Light - Green Rune White Totem (Headspin) LP
Gong - Live... Side 1 of "Live etc." (Virgin) LP