Saturday, September 29, 2012

NEW WAX on the horizon...homegrown! week the masters leave Birdman for TBWNIS with Damo Suzuki "Live 2012" (BS 012) and the Exploding Meet "Mapping New Tangiers" (BS013).  All things being equal, there should be wax on both, sometime in November.  In November, 2 new masters will be sent off for the Exploding Meet "Concert Review" (BS014) and TBWNIS "Scrappy Little Jaw" (BS015).  "Scrappy" is our new "studio" record which is a "from the beds up" album and we've been at work on this for the past few weeks.

To say that this record is fucking HEAVY, doesn't begin to describe it!  It will scare you ass off...just sayin'...All of these release will be ltd to the usual 100 copies and updates on these and other releases may be found here.  Early spring will see the release of Beld "Collected Werks" and Resin Scraper's "Last Soldier".

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