Monday, May 28, 2012

Rawk 'n' Roll Road Trip...

What a crazy weekend! Serge, Brian and I drove down to New Brunswick to sell some wax at the Moncton Record Expo this past Saturday, May 25 (glad I missed the great glebe garbage sale!) We drove over night on Thursday and had a clear sail all the way. I’ve done this drive probably about 70 times since ’85 and although sometimes boring and longish it was all good (likely due to the company). We listened to a lot of great tunes including unreleased live recordings from Tony Williams Lifetime (Village Gate ’69), Baby Woodrose (Radiochuset Rocker 2006), Linus Pauling Quartet (Live ’02) and albums from Bread Love and Dreams, Bayete, Crooked Hook, Kohsuke Mine, Yuji Imamura, Bardo Pond, Tortilla Flat, Gila, Brainticket and more!

We had a great breakfast at the Irving Super K outside Woodstock early Friday morn’ and continued on to Saint John. Upon arrival in the great port city and agood cup of java we headed over to Backstreet Records SJ to hang with my longtime friend and proprietor Gordie Tufts. Thanks G for all the hospitality and hangtime, you got a great shop and you are a soldier for sure! Scored some nice wax here…sealed copy of a 1971 RCA release by a killer hard rock band called Boomerang, Lucifer’s Friend – I’m Just A Rock ‘N’ Roll Singer on Billingsgate label, Otis Spann with Fleetwood Mac – Biggest Thing Since Colossus (US version with alternate cover on Blue Horizon), 2- Three Man Army LPs(one of which was a replacer and one I have been looking for since ‘82 F’n SCORE!), Thunder & Roses- King Of The Black Sunrise (U.A. late 60’s US power trio in Hendrix vein) and a super rare near mint original of Bob Smith – The Visit on Kent 1969, 2x LP with poster(KILLER!!!!!). Went to Billy’s (best fish ‘n’ chips in town and downed a few tasty pints of Pumphouse ale. Hooked up with my cousin Susan where we finally got some sleep for the first time since Wednesday night(after watching “Green Berets” with John Wayne! Got up Saturday AM on 5 hours of shut eye to a beautiful Maritime morning(the drizzle/fog combo) and headed up the # 1 to Moncton for the record expo at the Crown Plaza. I bought no records at the fair but met some swell people and sold some cool wax! Thanks Marty!
After the show we headed out of Moncton with destination, hometown Fredericton. We stayed the night and got absolutely fried on Picaroons and god’s good corn with my longtime close friend and musical co-conspirator Mark Carmody (Angered Wrecks, Exploding Meet, Decade Of Dreams). Thanks for the hospitality Mark it was a wicked night! We all had a literal blast and it was awesome to hang! We drove back yesterday and got back to Birdman at 9 pm, tired but happy! There are some nice and odd used LPs out today, among them, Limbus 4, Psychic TV, Stockhausen, Adolf Hitler...?

Tons of new shit here aside from that, and a big order arriving tomorrow hope to see you soon……Remember…Birdman Sound is your #1 Rock stop!

ps…thanks to Jason for manning the gunnel!


Live Wire said...
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Live Wire said...

It was fun to have John & the boys to come down and share some stories and sell some obscure vinyl. Hope you guys come back. Marty

Live Wire said...

Here's some pics from the Record Expo!/media/set/?set=a.457656330928687.114757.442429635784690&type=1