Friday, June 1, 2012

Friday Morning Cartunes...June 1st, 2012

Man Forever - Surface Patterns (Thrill Jockey) Lp
Holger Czukay - Das Massenmedium (Virgin) LP
TBWNIS - The Watchers (Demo) cdr
Praxis - 1984 (Celluloid) 12"
Umberto - Welcome To The Chillzone (Great Pop Supplement) 12"
Astra - The Black Chord (Rise Above) LP
Quiet Sun - Mommy Was An Asteroid... (Antilles) LP
Loop - Arc - Lite(Radar) (Situation Two) 12"
earthlings? - Saving Up For My Spaceship (Crippled Dick Hotwax) LP
Oresund Space Collective - Sitars In Space (SRP) LP
Weltraum - Ski 220 Scenic (Nasoni) LP

TBWNIS - Mountain Road With No Lights (demo) cdr
Hawkwind - Seasons (Back On Black) LP
elephant9 - dodovoodoo (Rune Grammofon) LP
Cosmic Hallways - North By Northeast (Feeding Tube) LP
Nucleus - Alleycat (Vertigo) LP
Faruq Z. Bey - Untitled (Saggitarius A-Star) LP
ZAO - Metatron (RCA)LP
Delired Chameleon Family - Raganesh ((Wah Wah) LP
Electric Moon - The Idle Glance (Sulatron) LP
Exploding Meet - BioMimic (Coffee Table Editions) CD

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