Saturday, May 14, 2011

The Coolest Thing in This Boring City so Far in 2011

A funeral jazz band just paraded, with followers, by my store. Mike Essoudry's Potato Mashers have a new cd out....apparently.....the bass drum player was passing them out. For an "invited to participate for effect funeral band follower's crowd", they were pretty subdued. No gyrations, no choral activity, no real physical involvement what-so-ever, unless uneasy, "well-dressed-ment" passes itself off now as participation (in Ottawa this would not surprise me, as the "innovation" bar is always set to the lowest of the low (sorry for the pun)! Nonetheless it was the coolest I've actually witnessed in Ottawa so far this year... more engaging than anything passing itself off as such at Bluesfest 2011. Based on the their lineup this year, the words "cool" and "fest" = "HUH?" in my books...


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