Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Mastering Complete

Bill has reworked our new LP. After the festive season I sat down again and listened to the record and decided to scrap the first tune. We have substituted a truly fuckin' monster version of the same piece only shorter and added a new composition as well. This will be in the mail on Monday coming for the usual pressing process and if yer interested in this record, fly me an email ( cuz as usual, there will only be 100 copies on vinyl and no cd. We will post the album on our my space site soon...'s the advance notations for...

TBWNIS vs. The Purveyors of Conspicuous Authenticity

Side A
Sour Kraut
Talk Back Fatherland
Mezcal Temple

Side B
West Nile Curiosity

Total Playing Time 44:03

All compositions TBWNIS 2010

TBWNIS membership is:

William Guerrero
Nathaniel Hurlow
Eric Larock
Jan Lis
Mark McIntyre
David Reford
Jason Vaughan
John Westhaver

....the "Stupidity Helmet" LP is almost done as well, Bill needs to finish mastering
it and that as well will be enroute very shortly! Ain't life grand!

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