Friday, December 10, 2010

Friday Morning Cartunes...December 10th, 2010

Electric Orange - Flurstuck (Sulatron) CD
Strobe - Nameless Day I (Big Cat)
the band whose name is a symbol - Talk Back Fatherland (demo) cdr
Drum Circus - Magic Theatre (Garden Of Delights) CD
Pere Ubu - Babylonian Warehouses (Smog Veil) CD
Edgar Broughton Band - Mommy's Reward (Harvest) CD
Lava - Tears Are Goin' Home (Repertoire) CD
Circle - Pelkka Meno (Ektro) CD
Zone Six - Hidden World (Sulatron) CD
Eternal Elysium - Before The Morning Comes (Diwphalanx) CD
Bardo Pond - Don't Know About You (Fire) CD
Sunburned Hand Of The Man - Silent Screamer (3 Lobed) CD
Beld - Sipping Hemlock With Latka (demo) cdr
Lamp Of The Universe - Astral Planes Of Knowing (Astral Projection) CD
MV & EE - Hyperspace (3 Lobed) CD
Mark Carmody - Subterranean Flare (Demo) cdr
Agitation Free - Through The Moods (Garden Of Delights) CD
Acid Mothers Gong - HoHoHo (Vivo) CD
Brain Donor - Gates Of Skagerrak (Brain Donor) CD
La Ira De Dios - Fugitivo de Alcatraz (Ogro) CD
The Heads - Chipped (Rooster) CD
White Heaven - Fallen Stars End (PSF) CD
Stars - Twinkle Outside (Pedal) CD

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sam. said...

Hey John! Grant Forsythe suggested I track you down. Couldn't find an e-mail, but looking for info on the Angered Wrecks I found your blog. I'm a journalist from Toronto, and I'm working on an book about the early years of Canadian punk - I'd love to chat if you're interested. Shoot me an e-mail at sam AT exclaim DOT ca. Hope you're well! Cheers!