Monday, December 6, 2010

TOP Sellers @ Birdman Sound

I kinda lost interest in listing this kinda thing as we used to do it every month on the Birdman Sound website. The other day though, I felt impressed enough by my clientele who seemed genuinely excited by the prospect of coughing up hard earned cash in these troubled times for what I truly consider as well to be some of the very best new releases in the last part of 2010. If you look at this list and see something that peaks yer curiosity, wade in and just remember, it's only money and you can't take it with you...

Jesu - Heart Ache (Hydra Head) LP /CD
Barn Owl - Ancestral Star (Thrill Jockey) LP/CD
White Hills - Stars Left For No One (Thrill Jockey) LP
Black Angels - Phosphene Dream (Blue Horizon) LP/CD
Earth - Bureaucratic Desire (Southern Lord LP/CD
La Otracina - Reality Has Got To Die (Holy Mountain) LP/CD
Dungen - Skitt I Altt (Mexican Summer) LP/CD
Fern Knight - Castings (VHF) LP/CD
Sun Araw - Off Duty (Woodsist) LP/CD
Electric Wizard - Dopethrone reissue (Rise Above) LP

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