Friday, April 9, 2010

Friday Morning Cartunes...April 9th, 2010

Sun Ra & His Solar Arkestra - Seductive Fantasy (Art Yard) LP
Ghost - Water Door Yellow Gate (Drag City) LP
Uganda - Pygmy (Shadoks) LP
The John Betsch Society - Earth Blossom (Heavenly Sweetness) LP
Trip Hill - Reflexion (Psych-Out) LP
Beak - Blagdon Lake (Invada) LP
Kimio Mizutani - A Bottle Of Codeine (Therapeutic) LP
David Heitkotter - Fly Over The Moon (Time-Lag) LP
Spontaneous Combustion - Speed Of Light (Capitol) LP
Electric Sandwich - China (Brain) LP
Acid Mothers Temple - In 0 (Important) LP
Octopus - The First Flight Of The Owl (Sky) LP
Obskuria - Burning Sea Of Green (World In Sound) LP
OM - Thebes (Drag City) CD
interview....Charlie Brooks (Cultural Knot Records/Castor) and Dave Reford (Castor)
Mama Tsara - Aritsa Facomban-Drazaria (Cultural Knot/Mississippi) LP
Mahia - Valiha Instrumental (Cultural Knot/Mississippi) LP
Mahia - Ravors (Cultural Knot/Mississippi) LP
Drum & Fife Troubadors (anonymous) - Instrumental # 2 (Cultural Knot/Mississippi) LP
Castor - In The Lap Of The Dragon ( Lodge Facility) cdr

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