Friday, April 23, 2010

Friday Morning Cartunes...April 23rd, 2010

Arktis - Rare Girl (Amber Soundroom) LP
Pete Brown & Piblokto - Firesong (Timeless) LP
Spids Nogen Hat - Hvad Har Du Taget (Orpheus) LP
The Beginning - Blue Honey (Elektrohasch) LP
Big Elf - The Evils Of Rock 'N' Roll (Custard) CD
Witchsorrow - The Trial Of Elizabeth Clarke/Gomorrah (Rise Above) LP
Atavist Nadja - Twenty Four:Sixteen...excerpt (Kreation) LP
Bardo Pond - Gimmie Five & A Half (3 Lobed) CD
Daevid Allen - Lady Dear Lady (Tapioca) LP
Head Of Wantastiquet - La Mauvais etoile (Ecstatic Yod) LP
Jack Rose - Luck In The Valley (Thrill Jockey) LP
Fursaxa - Celosia (ATP) LP
Plastic People - Elegie (S.C.O.P.A.) LP
Panama Limited - Set Me Free (Timeless) LP
Oresund Space Collective - High Pilots (Kommun) LP
Julius Brockington - Forty-Nine Reasons (Today) LP
Ange - Tels Quels (Philips) LP
Magic Hour - Isn't A Way (Che) LP
The Heads - Creating In The Eternal Now Is Always Heavy (Invada) LP
Amon Duul II - Surrounded By The Stars (U.A.) LP

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