Friday, October 23, 2009

Friday Morning Cartunes...October 23rd, 2009

Circle - Kekkone (Ektro) CD
Embryo - Amnesty Total (April) LP
CAN - Hallelujah (UA) LP
Sea Dog - Black Lotus (Stitchy Press) LP
Beasts Of Bourbon - Getcha Money Ready (Red Eye) CD
Current 93 - Not Because The Fox Barks (Durtro) LP
The Amazing - Dragon (Subliminal Sounds) LP
Egypt - Valley Of The Kings (Lyderhorn) LP
Horisont - Horisont Boogie (Crusher) LP
Prodigal Sons - Water Song (Void) LP
Baby Woodrose - countdown To Breakdown (Bad Afro) LP
Setting Son - I Lost Control (Bad Afro) LP
Lamp Of The Universe - Astral Planes Of Knowing (Astral Projection) CD
Krokodil - Watchin' Chain (Second Battle) CD
Little Free Rock - blud (Timeless) LP
Monobrow - From The Brown Sun (demo) cdr
Serpent Throne - Thirteen Mountains (Modus Operandi) LP
Oneida - Changes In The City (Jagjaguwar) LP
Black Sheep - Leila Khaled (Invada) LP
Castor - Foxwalk/Orange Grove (Lodge Facility) cdr
Trad Gras Och Stenar - Frihetsdans iD-moll (Subliminal Sounds) CD
Brain Donor - Death Becomes You (Brain Donor) CD
Quest For Fire - Strange Waves (Tee Pee) CD

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