Wednesday, August 3, 2011

FREE SHOW.....CASTOR....AUGUST 4th.......

Okay, here's the deal! Tomorrow night outside the National Gallery of Canada, you should come see Castor; purveyors of organic, psychedelic improv stoner rawk. Hidden away in the Gatineau park, deep within the bowels of Chelsea, Quebec, Castor have woven their homegrown web of sounds for over 15 years!!! If you have not seen them or heard of them and been in the National Capitol region for the duration thus far in their existence, then you can be proud of the fact that like most human beings, you've had your head up your ass! Now's your chance...see you there!

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Stephanie Sitzberger said...

That's right kids. The dam is breaking and the psychedelic swamp waters are about to engulf bytown. Thanks to J. Westhaver for continuing to rock the RAWK. STop talking and start walking your way to the launch pad at the National Gallery. Don't be left behind on earth.