Tuesday, April 19, 2022

Slow Dawn...Livin' In The City, It Will Eat Out, Eat Out Your Heart...

Ottawa's Slow Dawn have a new LP, their second.  Around this burg, it will of course go un-noticed for the most part as the machinery in our hub are generally geared to only what's safe and Slow Dawn are NOT a safe proposition!  Most of us longtime practitioners know this well, could care less and it never stops us from "keepin' on, keepin' on". 👽

I know several of these fella's personally and have shared stages with them in the past when in other projects.  I recall encountering Dan Druff (vocalist), maybe for the 1st time in Quebec, at an outdoor late night fest type thing that my band Four 'N' Giv'r (pre-TBWNIS) were playing as well, back in maybe, 2005-6 ?  Dan was fronting his then scuzz rock, psych punk, CHROME influenced band: HOLY COBRAS.  He was wonderfully shitfaced while wearing a large green GLAD garbage bag and was superbly like Iggy...they were FUCKING AWESOME!  The Cobras eventually saw release of a wicked LP called "Forever" on Telephone Explosion Records and it's pretty SWEET as well!  Jesse Winchester who plays bass in Slow Dawn, has been in a shitload of snarly, fucked up outfits including Ottawa's HEAVY MENTAL (Jesse, Mat Oxley, Matthew Cosgrove, Rod Duchamp, Pierre Richardson and Zac Millen); who played with TBWNIS when both our combos backed Krautrock GOD Damo Suzuki back in May of 2014.  Heavy Mental were a wonderful, acidic noisey mess of goodness live that eve and they had a pretty stellar super ltd. 8" lathe cut released on the legendary Ottawa label Bruised Tongue! 

Heavy Mental with Damo Suzuki.....


Heavy Mental lathe cut...


HOLY COBRAS...."Forever"  LP  2011  https://holycobras613.bandcamp.com/album/forever

SLOW DAWN...earlier works... https://slowdawn0.bandcamp.com/

2022 now see's Slow Dawn with an international release which comes from a joint jam between 2 great record labels!  The UK's venerable Cardinal Fuzz and America's Centripetal Force! "Into The Machine Haus" is an album reeking of  a most wonderful case of ill repute!  It's rotten to the core, HEAVY, scuzz, soiled underpants, RAFR! There's melody and catchiness and it's pretty, in the ugliest of best ways.  Dense, molten feedback, pounding rhythms, mutated vocals with bile regurgitated ferociousness. These are the kind of sounds that are always the FUCKING NOW SOUND...FUCKING EXCITING and hitting the nail squarely on the HEAD!  

Get in, or get out on this slab...Highly Recommended from my perch and btw...it's played at 45 RPM but is ABSOLUTELY THE BOMB AT 33rpm...you been served notice! 💕💣👽


"Decompression"  Youtube Video 2022


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