Thursday, September 9, 2021

Birdman Sound...We Got This Thing On The Move...

 After a dream last night, our resolve and commitment is even greater!  After romping in the trenches for over 40 years as a wax slinger and many years prior to that, gettin' schooled at a tender age in the 60's it has been ordained that " Got this Thing On the Move" by the GODLIKE Grand Funk Railroad is our long sought after anthem...this may only make sense to me ?  In any event, this is how we roll until we become dust!  This week in the shop is another mind fucker in terms of the, re-stock and the deepest of shit from many genres and nothing that crosses our doorstep is by accident either as we done been schooled proper.  Curation is a CREDO we live paint sounds....💕💀

Come on over to my side, it's where you wanna be
Come on over to joy ride and let your morals be
Ain't no way to deny it, if it's in your soul
You don't know 'till you try it, baby, let the good time roll

Let me taste your life, let me fill your stream
Let me make you feel it right now, just lay back and dream
Got this thing on the move, it's beginin'
Got a strange kind of feeling under my skin

I hear my baby knockin' at my front door
She knows what I got, she wants some more
And when it's all over, I start to come down
Think just a restin' place, I'll leave the ground

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