Thursday, January 28, 2021

The Band Whose Name Is A Symbol...dateline January 28th, 2021

Hello from TBWNIS!  Hope that everyone is coping with the ongoing state of things!  Time to bring everyone up to speed in our world.  All members of our collective are well. The current 6 piece (Me, Bill, Nathaniel, Jason, Dave and Scott) are busy with getting by in life and have not played a lick together since end of June, 2020!  Does this really matter?  NO, it does not!  We all miss hanging out together and bangin' out the tuneage as that has been the case for 13 years. 

Above and beyond, we are FRIENDS and enjoy one another's life, that is all that really matters and that is what we miss most here.  Making the music that we do is akin to riding a bike and whenever we get back on that bike, LOOK THE FUCK OUT!

Anyways...there's loads of news (some of you informed folks will know already) !  Brothers Mark Alexander McIntyre and Hesham Attaya (members of TBWNIS collective) have both recently seen the release of new solo projects!!!  Mark's new LP, his 3rd is out on the UK upstart label Vohu Mannah and is a wicked ball of dark, angst ridden electric acid psych/folk rock, fully energized by Mark's excellent guitar skills and acerbic observations.  For good measure a beauty of a Dead Moon song is re-visited and it's awesome!  Our mutual friend Dave Millsop from UK band vert:x did a fantastic book include with drawings accompanying Mark's lyrics and it's sweet, like a little compendium of poetry for kidos on the "darkside" of life with nightmarish pics! 😉

Hesham Attaya's LP has been a labour of love now for 4 years and is a work of art (literally)  "Shammie" has just moved back to Saudi Arabia after being in Germany where "Alphabarius" found completion. The album is a whack combination of middle eastern musings, psychedelic acid freak outs, prog and electronic Krautrock.  The book (20 pages) is fab as well; featuring drawings, words and pictures from Hesham and it's a ltd. wax offering (self released) !  Both myself and Scott from The Band Whose Name Is A Symbol play on it, so we are all proud of this long awaited release! 💕 

Symbol merch has been well received globally with rave reviews from all over the planet!  In the picture are 2 of the most recent releases and are available in various ltd. formats. LP of Berserkir II both pressings (colour variant differentials with insert and dlc, split LP with ours Canadian Brothers Anunnaki (super ltd. gatefold sleeve), CD versions and cassette versions are SUPER LTD but available at this moment in time.  The Berserkir cassettte is both volumes of Berserkir on 1 tape thanks to UK label Misophonia Records.  Both the LPs are on the venerable Cardinal Fuzz label from the UK, Berserkir in conjunction witjh Feeding Tube Rec. and the split with Noisesagonymayhem recs.  

Coming physical in February is our 4-CD set entitled "Shedding The Albatross"  (all music previously unreleased and FANTASTIC covert art by Brett savage of Dead Sea Apes fame ! 💕 Also scheduled to arrive from Cardinal Fuzz is the vinyl version of our pandemic recorded in isolation album "Unsemble" with new artwork by Brett again and mastered by Chris Hardman!  Our most fuk'd up engaging album to date, in my opinion!  As of yesterday and a chat with our studio engineer David Sarazin (Elevator, Dronverdose and Berserkir LPs), we are talking about going into the studio to put some new TBWNIS thoughts to tape !  Stay tuned, check it all out, be well, stay safe and all our heartfelt thanks and love to all!👽

you want a shot at any stuff physical...msg., facebook, messenger, email etc!  



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