Friday, January 22, 2016

Friday Morning Cartunes...January21, 2016

Sand - High Tension (Rotorelief) LP
Der Blurtharsch & The Infinite Church of The Leading Hand - Cold Freedom (WFN) LP
Gudrun Gut - Pleasuretrain (Monika Enterprise) LP
BILL - Thrower (Klangbad) LP
Tarotplane - The Inevitable Omission (Aguirre) LP
White Hills - Midnight In America (Immune) LP
The Space Spectrum - Mister Fiebertraum (Drone Rock) LP
Cave - Hunt Like Devil (Permanent) LP
Booze - Bronze Release (All Time Low) LP
Organic Is Orgasmic - The Ghost Of Kubla Khan (Vincebus Eruptum) LP
Polska Radio One - North Berry (Sulatron) LP
Singapore Sling - Let It Roll, Let It Rise (Fuzz Club) LP
Mugstar - Today Is The Wrong Shape (Cardinal Fuzz) LP
3 AM - Flying Low (Lay Bare Recordings) LP
Grand Funk Railroad - Inside Looking Out (Capitol) LP
Nazareth - Vigilante Man (A&M) LP
David Bowie - The Width Of A Circle (RCA) LP
Atomic Rooster - Watch Out (EMI) LP
Comets On Fire - Dogwood Rust (Sub Pop) LP
Space Art - Psychosomatique (IF) LP
Bernd Kistenmacher - Quitting-Time (Bureau B) LP
Teeth Of The Sea - Field Punishment (Rocket Recordings) LP
Klaus Schulze - Echoes Of Time...

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