Friday, August 7, 2015

Friday Morning Cartunes...August 6th, 2015

Cosmic Invention - Help Your Satori Mind (Now Sound) CD
Witchcraft - I Know You Killed Someone (Rise Above) 7"
Thee Hypnotics - Keep Rollin' On (SPV) CD
Fogg - Hand Of The Lord (Tee Pee) CD
Gas Giant - Storm Of My Enemies (SRP) LP
Lunar Dunes - Herzegovina (interpolating Le Petit Chevalier) (no label) CD
Hashish - Outer Spaced (Subliminal Sounds) 7"
Vibravoid - Colour Your Mind (Fruits de Mer) 7"
Sorrows - Gonna Find A Cave (Rise Above) 7"
Heaters - Levitate Thigh (Beyond Beyond Is Beyond) 7"
Dead Skeletons - Dead Mantra (A Records) 10"

Liquid Visions - Paralyzed (Sysyphus) CD
Myrrors - Dome House Music (Beyon Beyond Is Beyond) LP
Royal Ottawa - Isolation (Indie) LP
Ebbot Lundberg - Drowning In A Wishing Well (Kning Disk) 7"
The Kingdom Of Evol - Wormland (Progress Production) LP
Bad Guys - Crime (Riot Season) LP
Ball - Fyre (Subliminal Sounds) 7"
Pentagram - Burning Saviour (Peaceville) LP
Antoni Maiovvi & Umberto - Butcher (Death Waltz) LP
Deaf Proof - Death Sounds Angry And Hungry For More (Krauted Mind) LP
Seremonia - Vapauden polku (Svart) LP
Datura 4 - Demon Blues (Alive) LP
Aktor - Something Nasty (High Roller) LP
Horisont - Break The Limit (Rise Above) 7"
Space Ritual - Otherworld (Esoteric) CD
Oresund Space Collective - Storm Blowing Through The Universe (SRP)

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