Friday, April 17, 2015

Friday Morning Cartunes...April 17th, 2015

Miles Davis - Ife (part two) / Right Off (B13) LP
LesMcCann -  The Lovers (Atlantic) LP
Ariel Kalma - Message 18.10.77 (Black Sweat) LP
Brainticket - Dancing On The Volcano Pt. 1 (Cleopatra) LP
Guru Guru - Spam Spam (self release) LP
Baxter Stockman - Poltergeist Pussy (Kult of Nihilow) LP
Camera - A Distant Thank You (Bureau B) 12"

GNOD - Breaking The Hex (Rocket Recordings) LP
Osamu Kitajima - Tengu-A Long Nosed Goblin (Island) LP
Dragontears - The Doors of Prescription  (Bad Afro) LP
Squadra Omega -  Il Creatore Della Forma (Holidays) LP
N.E.W. - Crossfire (Bo'Weavil) LP
Michael Yonkers - Is The The Best Thing (Mystra) LP
Acid Mothers Temple - Take Me To The Universe / Pink Lady Lemonade - You're From Outer Space (Part 1) (Riot Season) CD

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