Friday, February 13, 2015

Friday Morning Cartunes...February 13th, 2015

Death &Vanilla - Vampyr (Part 1) (Kalligrammofon) LP
ONO - Were You There When They Crucified My Lord? (Priority Male) LP
Shit & Shine - Pearl Drop (Diagonal) LP
Psychic TV - Alien Be-In (Dark Entries) LP
Bong - Idle Days On The Yann (Blackest Rainbow) LP
Pandemonica - Startrack (Orpheus) LP
Dead Sea Apes - Threads (Cardinal Fuzz) LP
Stearica / Acid Mothers Temple - Queen Kong (Homeopathic) LP
Charles Hayward - Lopside (Kemaa) LP
Ensemble Economique - Fade For Miles (Denovali) LP

The Gluts - Don't Believe In Fairytales (Nasoni) LP
3AM - Endless Roads (Levitation) LP
Bland Balden - Huskuren (Kommun2) LP
Monomyth - Spheres (Suburban) LP
Gunter Schickert & Pharoah Chromium - Campfire (Grautag) LP
Eye - Dream...excerpt (Dangerous Age) LP
Charles Bukowski....on tube clip...
Black Moon Circle - The Machine On The Hill (Crispin Glover) LP
Panopticon Eyelids - Solar Mind (Carved In Lava) LP
Sloath - Cane Trader (Riot Season) LP

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