Friday, January 2, 2015

Friday Morning Cartunes...January 2nd, 2014

Signs Of The Silhouette - Side C (Bam Balam) LP
Moebius-Story-Leidecker - Fracture Fuss (Bureau B) LP
Charles Hayward - Smell Of Metal (Kemal) LP
Annette Peacock - The Cynic (Ironic) LP
Zoltan - Psychomania excerpts (Cineploit) LP
Shooting Guns - Go Blind (Teargas Recording Tree) LP
Ziguri - Bella Hopp (Bureau B) LP
Anthroprophh - Dog (Rocket Recordings) LP
Myrrors - Escape Attempt  (Cardinal Fuzz) LP
Kikagaku Moyo - Streets Of Calcutta (BBIBeyond) LP
Black Bombaim - Africa (Cardinal Fuzz) LP
Zaum - Zealot (I Hate Records) LP

The Band Whose Name Is A Symbol - Ice Rings Of Saturn (Pre-Release) Vimeo
My Brother The Wind -  (Free Electric Sound) LP
Spectral Haze - I.E.V. I / Mercurian Mantra (Soul Seller) LP
Psychic TV - After You're Dead,  She Said (Angry Love) LP
Sylvester Anfang -  Episch (Great Pop Supplement) LP
Montibus Communitas - The Pilgrim At The Source Of Life (BBIBeyond) LP
Stefan Jaworzyn - Sinister Eroticism In Oslo (Blackest Ever Black) LP
Electric Orange - Fleischzusatz (Sulatron) CD

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