Friday, July 4, 2014

Friday Morning Cartunes...July 4th, 2014

Jesu - The Great Leveller (Avalanche) LP
Myrrors - Warpainting (Rewolfed Gloom) LP
Boris - Angel (Sargent House) LP
Kikagaku Moyo - Smoke & Mirrors (Beyond Beyond Beyond) LP
Joseph - Trick Bag (SL Records) LP
Mount Carmel - Fear Me Now (Alive) LP
Sex - Scratch My Back (Trans Canada) LP
Norman Haines Band - Rabbits (Radioactive) LP
Chalaque - I've Got The Father Of The Modern Synthesizer Golden Lab) LP
Sly & The Family Drone - Grey Meat (indie) LP
Black Bombaim -  "A" (Lovers & Lollipops) LP
Ohmwar - Twigs & Sprigs & Leaves (FCC) LP
The Obsessed - (Real Gone Music) LP

Damo Suzuki with Oresund Space Collective - Damo's Forste OSC Flyvetur (SRP) LP
Verma - Regolith (Trouble In Mind) LP
Espectrostatic - Smokeface Appears (Trouble In Mind) LP
Van Der Graaf Generator - Pioneers Over 'C' (Charisma) LP

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