Friday, March 28, 2014

Friday Morning Cartunes...March 28th, 2014

Psychic TV /PTV3 - Alien Lightning Meat Machine (Angry Love) LP
Black Moon Circle - Plains (Space Rock Productions) LP
Moths & Locusts - Trinity Test / Slumper (Noiseagonymayhem) LP
Hawkwind - LSD (Back On Black) LP
Has A Shadow - May Never (Captcha) LP
Melodien - L'arum (Deep Distance) LP
Jon Porras - Apeiron (Thrill Jockey) LP
Chris Forsyth & Koen Holtkamp - Early Astral Part One (Blackest Rainbow) LP
Cosmic Dead - Easterfaust Part I (Sound Of Cobra) LP

Mugstar - Furklausundbo (Cardinal Fuzz) LP
Dead Peach - Calcutta (Nasoni) LP
Bronze - Golden Handcuffs (Not Not Fun) LP
Je Suis Le Petit Chevalier - The First Forest (Shelter Press) LP
Acid Mothers Temple - Pink Lady Lemonade.../ Message From Outer Space (AMT) CD

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