Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Tis The Season...

Tis the season…! I wish I could say that Birdman Sound’s 20th year was it’s finest hour, but I cannot! 22 weeks of road construction took the piss out of the situation in every respect. I want to thank those of you that walk the plank every single week in the quest for the very best that music has to offer and we can deliver! I look to your continued support to finish 2011 in some form of dignified fashion. Birdman is stocked to the hilt as usual and GIFT CERTIFICATES are always available and big at this time of the year. I hope you keep us in mind over the next few days avoiding the usual trappings and ridiculousness of big box stores and shopping malls. I would be remiss to say that shopping independent is going the way of the dinosaur and as trenches go ours is still just deep enough to continue the “good fight”.

Seasons best to everyone, however you deal with it...John

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