Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Word Up......

I’d like to remind everyone that CKCU-FM’s funding drive starts this Friday! As most things good in life seem to go to “hell in a hand cart” at some point these days. My show, Friday Morning Cartunes (actual “now” free form radio!!!) is into its 23rd year; same time, same day, same place on the mighty 93.1 FM on your radio dial and www.ckcufm.com on the addict box. I strive too always keep it as real as it gets. It does not matter a damn that you may or may not know what spins! You can put the trust factor on me that I’ll give you a 3.5 hour musical ride of a lifetime every single week ! Speak positively with some financial support and dial and donate for the preservation of real live, in the trench, hands on radio programming. “FMC” is about a lifetime of serious PHD level investigation and study and understanding. It’s never accidental. It’s purely old school and delivered from the heart, week in, week out. The pledge line locally is 613-520-3920….toll free long distance is 877-520-3920. Advance pledge forms are online at: https://www.ckcufm.com/secure/pledge/ . I hope to thank you personally on-air for any donation you deem appropriate over the course of my funding drive programs on Friday, October 21st, 28th and November 4th. Please keep tradition and reality alive in 2011!

My soundtrack today (which is ongoing) has thus far been provided by the Art Ensemble Of Chicago, Grandloom, Amina Claudine Myers, Gunter Hampel, Maurice McIntyre, Owl Xounds, Terje Rypdal, Kuhn-Corea-Kuhn, Pharoah Sanders and exmagma. To say the day has been a good one is vastly understated….

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