Friday, September 9, 2011

Okay...once again, here's the deal

Look, I'm just a dog also. Like my sister Clio, (remember John’s post back on August 8th on this blog?)I too am driven by the need to eat and just like her I'm always on the hunt (yes I know I look even sillier than my sister!). John (my master) made me a deal I couldn't refuse, so here's the thing, I'm here to equate the similarity between filling the void in one's gut and in one's soul cuz in all honesty things here in the last month have not improved one little bit so now I’m taking the shot. If this verbal exercise is successful, I get extra rations so pay attention, it only takes a moment.

As you know, when you're hungry you eat, you get filled up and feel better. So, If you need to nourish your soul, you buy music. Seems pretty simple to me, even though I'm just a dog! So if you think I'm kinda cute (mind you, like Clio, I was laid off back in May as well, due to the never ending road construction, so I'm not around much these days either), come check out Birdman Sound for the most eclectic record selection around with smokin' new arrivals every week(this never changes as John always says “there’s no rest for the wicked” !

By the way, my brother still won’t wear this get up and as always he’s too busy lickin' his balls to get his shot at stardom. Oh well, me and Clio get our legs up on any situation at hand, especially the nourishment thing...see ya! By the way, the name’s Fiesty

PS…if you haven’t checked this article out yet you should, it’s pretty swell I think…

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