Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Mission Accomplished!

Wow! Record Store Day was huge! Tons of people, tons of great tunes and 60-70 folks crammed into the shop for a live set by the band whose name is a symbol. Their new record came out Saturday and nearly half the run is gone already!!!! If you need one email me quick as this puppy will be OOP soon. Bill has nearly finished a new master, so the plan is, another new record should drop August 1st to commemorate the official 20th Anniversary of Birdman Sound! TBWNIS will play the Clocktower Brew Pub on Saturday May 7th, unveiling a pile of new compositions and other shows are in the works !! Don't forget about SIMPLY SAUCER at the Dominion Tavern, Friday, August 5th. That will be a burner and TBWNIS open the festivities. Advance tickets will go on sale in May.

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