Friday, July 16, 2010

Friday Morning Cartunes...July 16th, 2010

Golden Earring - Eight Miles High (Polydor) LP
Haikara - Jälleen on meidän (Mayfair) LP
Iceburn Collective - Five (Southern Lord) LP
Embryo - Calcutta Rag (Trikont) CD
Heldon - Ouais Marchais (Wah Wah) LP
Magma- "ISS" Lansei Doia (Universal) LP
Aethenor - IV (VHF) LP
Sabbath Assembly - And The Phoenix Is Reborn (Ajna) LP
Hawkwind -Seahawks (Back On Black) LP
Space Debris - We Were At The Moon Before You Were At The Moon (Indie) LP
Gurumaniax - Spaceship Memory (Bureau B) LP
Throbbing Gristle - Convincing People (Mute) LP
Robedor - I Thought You Were The Devil (Important) LP
Thule - Daga (Pancromatic) LP
Janus - Gravedigger (Harvst) LP
Love Cry Want - Love Cry (Weird Forest) LP
The Orkustra - Gypsy Odyssey (Mexican Summer) LP
Quicksilver Messenger Serice - Who Do You Love (Vinyl Lovers) LP
Fox - Suzie S. Kalator (RD) LP

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