Friday, June 19, 2009

Friday Morning Cartunes...June 19th, 2009

Heavy Winged - Morning Flesh (Aurora Borealis) LP
Reverend Bizarre - Dunkelheit (Spinefarm) LP
Jex Thoth - Kagemni (I Hate Records) LP
Arbouretum - Infinite Corridors (Thrill Jockey) LP
Jack Rose - Cathedral et Chartres (3 Lobed) LP
Land Of Kush - The Light Over The Ranges (Constellation) LP
Sunburned Hand Of The Man - Nice Butterfly Mask (Smalltown Supersound) LP
Roger Wooten & Piu - Out Of The Coma (Mellotronen) LP
Pink Mountaintops - Outside Love (Jagjaguwar) LP
Woods - Rain On (Woodsist) LP
Life On Earth - Watching The Shadows (Subliminal Sounds) LP
Headdress - The End (No Quarter) LP
George-Edwards Group - Easternia (GZD /Drag City) LP
Wayne Rogers - Autopia (Twisted Village) LP
Omar Rodriguez Lopez - Bells At The Slipstream (Willie Anderson) LP
Gomer Pyle - Mimesus (Roadburn) LP
The Machine - Solar Corona (Nasoni) LP
Groovegasm International - The Player (demo) cdr
Groovegasm International - Planetsoul (demo) cdr
Amalgamation - An Open Letter To Sweet (demo) cdr
The Social Icons - Pop Is Falling Apart (Vollwert) CD
Wooden Shjips - Motorbike (Holy Mountain) LP
Pink Mountain - Shelflife (Sick Room) LP
Ornette Coleman - Theme From A Symphony (A&M) LP

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