Friday, February 27, 2009

Friday Morning Cartunes ......The day off...February 27,2009

Over the past 20+ years as the host of "FMC" I have rarely missed a week. This week circumstances have prevented me from sharing a weeks worth of my life through music with the world. Fortunately we will all survive! I am lucky to have such a friend as like Mary Mackinnon who is covering for me this morning and I must say is presenting a perfectly challenging and wide array of music as I was sure she would. Mary knows her stuff and will give us all something to think about for the 3.5 hour duration of Friday Morning Cartunes this week. Mary, thank you for being there. I am digging the rock!

While we listen to Mary I think maybe it's time to let ya'll know that this year is already off to a wicked start with some fab new and old music, with a boat load of stuff com'n down the river 'o' rock. Here's some absolute killers that have been hangin' out in my hood as of late.....Circle have a new double lp out in the UK called "Triumph" which was born out of a WFMU session and is as always another great effort from this prolific group of Finlanders! While on the topic of prolifery there's another Omar Rodriguez Lopez lp entitled "Old Money" and damn if it ain't another total smoker. There's no stoppin' this man...awesome.
Got a knew Oresund Space Collective album on Transubstans yesterday and again, this mostly Scandanavian collective of Space rock worshippers have cracked my nut again with the perfect blend of psych, space, jazz, stoner and eastern edges...yowza!
Six Organs Of Admittance's "RTZ" triple on Drag City is amazing and as I owned none of the original rarites or unreleased music this ltd. triple contains I find it serves as either an important piece of documentation for a fan like me or for that matter a solid introduction to the uninitiated. Get yer feet wet with this either way! The group Death and their unreleased recording from back in the mid-70'(also from Drag City) is by 3 Detroit brothers and is a total ass-kicking Detroit pre-punk outing that reinforces the fact that there's a ridiculous amount of wicked, buried stuff that always needs to be dug up and released no matter from where or when!
MV & EE's "Drone Trailer" is a killer and the same goes for Rose Kemp (Daughter of Steeleye Span's Maddy Prior and Rick Kemp) and her album "Unholy Majesty". This is a wicked blend of sonic UK folk and doom rock...holy smokes!! I could go on cuz there's a ton more new and cool reissued stuff. Pop into the store and check for yourself or scope it out wherever you happen to be. Remeber to check out the radio show every Friday Morning at as it's all there to be heard...

On the imminent stuff from Wino, Sons Of Otis, Wooden Shjips, Soundtrack Of Our Lives, Chatham Singers(Billy Childish), Jon Doe & The Sadies, Assemble Head In Sunburst Sound, Weird Owl, Julie Doiron, Radio Moscow, Life On Earth and far more! Dig The Rock!

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