Wednesday, November 26, 2008

A Few Hot New Items.....

Ronnie Hayward - Hobo Son 12" vinyl only Canadian release of epic hurtin country and rockabilly proportion....sellin like hot cakes on a cattle drive. Ronnie sounds like his heart done got busted again and his stand up bass and voice takes the point on homeon every number. Solid, live backing by a band from Calgary, AB called 5 Star Homeless...that'll flat git it!

Giant Sand - Provisions 2 x LP set on... Yep Roc(home of the has beens?) Not a chance ! Howe now joins the ranks of Dave Alvin, Robyn Hitchcock and John Doe to name but a few on the label. This new outing sounds like classic Giant Sand from "back in the day". Full musically speaking and with the witty insight Gelb always provides as the true scribe he is. Desert soaked, sunny and dry...Truly Provisional!!

Funkadelic - Toys A monster UK release on wax and cd giving us all a batch of previously unissued trax from the ultimate psych funk practitioners. No duds, only buds! This has been a long time comin! More trax on cd than wax....oh well what can ya do?

RaTX - Got Live.....Drag City releases a 3rd album from Jenny Herema ex of Royal Trux....god damn this broad has a howl and a half! She's got a full metal jacket of a band as well, who sturm and twang the rawk from sleazy start to sleazy finish! Can you say Yowza!

White Wires - S/T.....Local label Going Gaga Records, vinyl only and ltd to 325 copies, silk screened cover. Power pop, rockin trio with Ian Manhire (guitar, voice), Luke(ex-MDMarxists on bass) and Ally(Felines) on drums. Manhire is the new hope in Fat Cat city with his record label and the bands he's in and the young and old he inspires....this lp is cut classic late 70's style with one foot in KBD punk and the other in pure catchy pop. Pogo till ya puke!

Nerves - One Way Ticket....this anticipated release is on Alive/Bomp and it features the legendary trio of Peter Case, Paul Collins and Jack Lee. Lee wrote "Hanging On The Telephone"...covered hit wise by Blondie way back in the day. This record sizzles with energy... studio, live and demo material and so far ltd. to 500 color wax beauties.....sold alot last week.....kinda stuff bands like White Wires draw their breath on!

Neko Case - Tigers Have Spoken......better late than never VINYL heavy tip on style gatefold sleeve with star studed supporting cast....her best ever....maybe?

Lucinda Williams - Little Honey.....double LP set for under 20 bux!!!!! and like Mr. Hayward way back there, sellin like hot cakes......

Shawn Lee and Clutchy Hopkins - Clutch Of The Tiger.....moody, dark, spare and funky on all levels.... mostly instrumental epic double lp and single cd....just as mysterious as before on the Luv & Haight label.

Brant Bjork - Punk Rock Guilt ....finally gettin it in on wax and after sellin a bucket on cd since april, yer 12" petroleum based thirst may now be quenched....easily one of the most stoned top 10 releases of the year.........Monsta grooves babies!

Graham Day & The Gaolers - Triple Distilled... Graham(Buff Medways, Prisoners, Planet, Solarflares - to name a few) roars back with his 2nd for the godlike uk label Damaged Goods. It's a power trio he fronts with a Woggle or two so the pedigree means awesome Medway garage wallop! The getting better with age thing is proved agin!!

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