Friday, September 19, 2014

Friday Morning Cartunes...September 19th, 2014

Captain Beefheart & the Magic Band - Tarotplane (Simply Vinyl) LP
Raven - Can't You See (Owl) LP
The Deviants - People Of The City / Metamorphosis Exploration (Dropout) LP
Owen Maercks - Hands & Eyes (Feeding Tube) LP
Michael Moorcock & Deep Fix - Ferris Wheel (UA) LP
Vulcan - One Nighter (LSD) LP
Sky Sunlight Saxon & The Vibravoid - Look What The Bombs Have Done (Anazitisi) LP
JPT Scare Band - It's Too Late (Monster) LP
MC5 - Looking At You (Atlantic) LP

World Domination - I Am The Government (Feeding Tube) LP
Debris - Witness (Anopheles) LP
Goat - Gathering Of The Ancient Tribes (Sub Pop) LP
Daevid Allen - Stoned Innocent Frankenstein (Virgin) LP
Anthroprophh - Ebbe (Cardinal Fuzz) 12"
Leisure Birds - Waveforms (Deep Distance) LP
Teeth Of The Sea - Only Fools On Horse (Rocket Recordings) LP
Chrome - Cyberchondria (King Of Spades) LP
VED - Spectra (excerpt) (Adrian) LP
Klaus Schulze - Floating (except) (Brain) CD

Friday, September 12, 2014

Friday Morning Cartunes...September 12th, 2014

Nurse With Wound - Chromanatron PT. A (Rotorrelief) LP
Stefan Jaworzyn - Sinister Eroticism (Blackest Ever Black) LP
Lightning Glove - V (Ono Tesla) LP
Jah Wobble & Keith Levene - Yin & Yang (Pressure.Co) 12"
Nick Nicely - Wrottersley Road (Emotional Rescue) 12"
Gaurdian Alien - Coming In The Dark (Instructional Media) LP
Al Doum & The Faryds - Island (Black Sweat) LP
Datashock - Tod In Dar Saarvanne (Dekorder) LP
Earth - Badgers Bane (Southern Lord) LP
Camera - Synchron (Bureau B) LP
Circle - Kuukaarme (Full Contact) LP

White Hills - Under Skin Or By Name (Thrill Jockey) LP
Haikai No Ku - Dead In The Temple (Box) LP
Mamont - The Valleys Below (Napalm) LP
Zone Six - Babapapatantramantra (Transubstans) LP
Ya Ho Wa 13 & Sky Saxon - Wolf Pack (Swordfish) LP
Earthling Society - Aiwass (Riot Season) LP
CAN - Halleluhwah (Mute) CD

Friday, September 5, 2014

Friday Morning Cartunes...September 5th, 2014

Ruth White - Lovers/World (Black Mass Rising) LP
Heldon - In The Wake Of King Fripp (Wah Wah) LP
Mar-Vista  - Dance Of Darkness (Strawberry Rain) LP
Der Blutharsch and the infinite church of the leading hand - Acherontia (Sound Of Cobra) LP
Phantom Horse - Twilight Sohn (Dekorder) LP
Bitchin' Bajas - Brush (Drag City) LP
Faceplant - Ride The Ether (Bathetic) LP
Umberto - The Child (Extended Version)  (Deep Distance) 12"
Moebius-Story-Leidecker - Vex (Bureau B) LP

Gut & Irmler - Parium (Bureau B) LP
Irmler Liebezeit - Sempiternity (Klangbad) LP
Camera - Parhelion (Bureau B) LP
Cosmic Dead - Drone Rivers (Instructional Media) LP
Zaum - Zealot (I Hate Records) LP
Earth - There Is A Serpent Coming (Southern Lord) LP
Spacemen 3 - Suicide (Mental Groove) LP
Earthless Meets Heavy Blanket - Paradise In A Purple Sky (Outer Battery) CD

Friday, August 29, 2014

Friday Morning Cartunes...August 29th, 2014...9:30 - 11:30 AM today only!

In Zaire - Space Age (Holidays) LP
E-Musikgruppe Lux Ohr - Teil II (Svart) LP
Earthling Society - Journey In Satchidananda (Riot Season) LP
Dylan Carlson & Rogier Smal - Via Emilia (Toztizok Zoundz) LP
Solaris - The Hour Of The Wolf (Numero) LP
Lydia Lunch & Rowland S. Howard - Black Juju (1972) LP
Henry Blacker - Temple Controls(Riot Season) LP
White Hills - Glitter Glamour & Atrocity (Thrill Jockey) LP
Naam - Skyscraper(ambient remix) (Heavy Psych Sounds) LP
Black Bombaim - A (Lovers & Lollypops) LP

Friday, August 22, 2014

Friday Morning Cartunes...August 22nd, 2014

Sly & The Family Drone - Grey Meat (indie) LP
Control Unit - Live In Your Mind (Backwards) LP
Brigitte Fontaine - Pour Le Patron / Moi Aussi (Superior Viaduct) LP
Robert Wyatt - Rivmic Melodies (Cuneiform) LP
Sun Araw - Thrasher(Neil Young)  (Monofonus Press) 12"
Mar Vista - Visions: The Black Sun Shines Today (Strawberry Rain) LP
Bobby Beausoleil - Return To Punjab (Black Moss) LP
Moebius - Story - Leidecker - Fracture Fuss (Bureau B) LP
Z05 Aura - Away (indie) LP

Creation Rebel/New Age Steppers - Eugenic Device (Kemado) LP
Habitat Sound System - Cheating Heart Dub (Eclipse) LP
Karl Hector & The Malcouns - Samai Thaqil (Now-Again) LP
Hayvanlar Alemi - Perils Of Harlem (Unrock) LP
Cosmic Hallways - North By Northeast (Feeding Tube) LP
Daughters Of The Sun - Ride To Die (Not Not Fun) LP
White Hills - Under Skin Or By Name (Thrill Jockey) LP
Golem - Godhead Dance (Pyramid) LP
Miles Davis - Live In Vienna Stadthalle 1973 ganzes Konzert....tracks...

Friday, August 15, 2014

Friday Morning Cartunes...August 15th, 2014

Direct The Cheque...The Music of Mark Carmody

Mark Carmody & Lloyd Hanson - Raga Johnson Pt. 1 (unreleased 1995)  cdr
Ironic Whimsical Shithorse Review - Majestic (1st Version-trio) (Jams unreleased 1978) cdr
Angered Wrecks - Dossarino (unreleased 1981) cdr
X-Para-Meet - She's Lost Control(Joy Division cover)  (unreleased 1981) cdr

Mark Carmody - Cruisin' (unreleased 1980) cdr
exploding meet - Scream (unreleased 1986) cdr
Mark Carmody - A Foreign Rain 1987 (DTK) LP
Decade of Dreams - When Sheri Gets Her Man 1987 (DTK) LP
Decade of Dreams - Man Who Loved To Talk 1988 (DTK) LP
exploding meet - On The Sidewalk 1983
(Look For The Flare) CD
exploding meet - Braindance II 1989 (Look For The Flare) CD
exploding meet - New Tangier (debut) 1992 cdr
exploding meet - Spectator's Gallery/Real Darwin /Circus of Disharmony/Illusion /Mutants/Rolling Confessional (Look Fore The Flare) CD
exploding meet - Partridge Island/New Tangier/Fruitcake (Birdman Sound) LP
exploding meet - New Time Departure (unreleased 1995) (no label) cdr
exploding meet - Appalacian Rain(conclusion) 1990 (Birdman Sound) LP
Mark Carmody & Geordie Haley - Untitled #1 Live Apr. 3 2010 Gallery Connexion (unreleased) cdr
exploding meet - Psychotropic 1115(Penniac Station '67) (Coffee Table Editions) CD
exploding meet - Cy Burna Teak (Coffee Table Editions) CD

Friday, August 8, 2014

Friday Morning Cartunes...August 8th, 2014

Expo '70 - The Often Re-Entry Forming An Exit Strategy (Debacle) LP
High Wolf - Amazon Love Call Pt. II (Group Together) LP
Ghost (Japan) - Orange Sunshine (Drag City) LP
Donato Epiro - Tucano (Black Moss) LP
Monosov Swirnoff - Needle's Eye (Eclipse) LP
Mooseheart Faith - The Space We're In (September Gurls) LP
The KVB - Shadows (Cititrax) LP
Sisters Of Mercy - Alice (Merciful) 12"
Singapore Sling - (Fuzz Club) LP
Los Microwaves - Radioheart (Dark Entries) LP

Strange Forces - Maybe We Could Meditate Together Or Something (Indie) LP
Chris Forsyth & Koen Holtkamp - Early Astral Pt. 1 (Blackest Rainbow) LP
Kikagaku Moyo - Streets of Calcutta ( Beyond Beyond Beyond) LP
Will Z - Travelin' (69 Watt) LP
Embryo - Strasse Nach Asien (Schneeball) LP
Amon Duul II - Standing In The Shadow (Purple Pyramid) LP
Magma - Ork Alarm (A&M) LP
Hayvanlar Alemi - Horsepaper (Unrock) LP
Walrus - Static (Electricity ) LP
Space Debris - Cat Flow Deluxe (Green Brain) LP
Soft Machine - 1. Facelift 2. Robert Wyatt Vocal Improv 3. Esther's Nose Job (DVD audio)